About Us

The firm K.K. Thampan & Co was constituted in its present form in 1952 by a merger of two proprietary concerns and is continuing in its present form since then.

The founder of the firm was the Late Sri T.R. Subbarama Aiyar, GDA (FCA) and the firm has since evolved into multi-disciplinary areas of work including assurance audits, compliance audits, feasibility studies, corporate financial planning, Direct Tax

Our Services

Audit and assurance

Internal Audits – To help management and stakeholders to identify, assess and control all risks in real time.

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Our regulatory services framework helps organizations ensure that they comply with all relevant laws, statutes, policies, and regulations.

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Risk Management

Our risk management services help businesses identify, assess and mitigate the impact of risks.

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We have a dedicated team for each area of work, with the requisite experience to ensure that assignments are completed seamlessly and in time. We also have a quality monitoring system in place to ensure the quality of deliverables in accordance with relevant laws, statutes, and standards. The firm has a policy of continuous training for all its personnel with such faculty as may be required.
The firm at present has two partners, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in practice. In addition, the firm has a network of associates to ensure reach all over Kerala, and this network is beginning expanded to cover the whole of South India, Dubai, and Qatar.